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What I've eliminated from my diet after Cancer

Lets talk nutrition. Right from the beginning of my diagnosis I had a good hard look at what I was consuming. I did a complete overhaul on my diet and did a tonne of research on nutrition so I could give my body the best chance. My diet was never that bad, I have always had an interest in food and nutrition and loved cooking so my meals were fairly balanced and healthy. However, since being diagnosed with Cancer, food has become a huge part of my life and I spend a lot of time and effort making sure I am getting what I need and that the foods I am eating are at a good quality - I try to eat mainly organic and seasonal.

I wanted to share the things that I've cut out and why. This doesn't mean you have to but I've been in the game for a while now and I think I have a wealth of knowledge on the things that aren't good for anyone wanting to heal.

1. Soy products and GMO

I wont go into this too much, especially because there is a lot of controversy around GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), but I do urge you to consider cutting out GMO products. The amount of chemicals used to tamper with the way in which something grows is too much to turn a blind eye to. And when your body is already having to deal with chemotherapy/immunotherpey, medications etc. The last thing you want is your food a.k.a your fuel to be toxic too.

2. Raw/undercooked fish & meat

The rule of thumb is to eat a pregnancy based diet, which means you avoid anything that can carry bacteria such as things like sashimi - raw fish...something I would eat at least once a week (ahhh I miss it so much!) mouldy cheese, medium rare-rare meat, runny eggs (also miss this). When you're undergoing treatment your immunocompromised and if you're anything like me...you'll catch an infection just looking at a piece of undercooked meat. Even if Im not neutropenic Ive cut these things out just to be on the safe side. The minute Im done with treatment and my counts are back to normal Im hitting that sushi train!!! Choo-Choo

3. Alcohol.

In the past 12 months of treatment i've had about 2 glasses of wine (one of those was on New Years Eve). And for me, thats a real shocker because theres nothing more that I love than a glass of wine with my pasta. Yum! I decided not to drink because my liver function isn't great and its been through a lot, Im determined to help repair tissue damage and the function so Ive avoided alcohol for most my treatment. I also don't feel like drinking...and I believe this is because my liver. Im very intuitive with my body now and if its not feeling something I listen to it. Now, Im not going to be one of those people that tells you "you shouldn't be drinking, you're doing treatment," truth is sometimes you just need one. And thats the message here, have one. Make it a good one and work on replenishing afterwards. Have some celery juice the next morning or make sure you have plenty of water/lemon water after to help flush any toxins. Just be responsible with your consumption and listen to your body.

4. Processed sugar

This has not been easy, especially when you're on steroids during treatment! I haven't completely cut this out but I've cut right back. I allow myself to have a cake, treat or ice cream occasionally but it's not a regular thing and I've replaced it with fruit instead. Some cut out fruit on top of processed sugar's...we've all heard it "cancer feeds off sugar," however I choose to keep fruit in my diet due to its nutritional benefits and I loveeeee fruit. I often crave oranges, berries and pineapple and because Im an intuitive eater I wont eliminate these things, Im often craving these things because I am in need of the nutrients they offer.

These are the main things i've changed with my diet since being diagnosed. It's an adjustment but now that i've been eating/living this way I don't think I will go back to my old diet post diagnosis, apart from the raw fish! I can't give that up.

See you in my next post


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