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Top 5 tips for better well-being

It would be unfair of me to start listing things that aren't realistic such as "spend $230 at the day spa where you lay on a bed of roses," or "commit to 5k a day of running, walking or bike riding." Although these are great things you can do for yourself, they aren't things that you can quickly add into your day if need be or something you can carry through when life throws a new chapter your way: new job, new born baby, a new illness/disability. So here I have listed 5 things that you can easily do for your well-being and should be adapted into your life long goals and motivation. Get your pen and paper and lets go!

  1. Be active.

I can hear you all groaning through your computer screens but hear me out! Exercise doesn't mean you have to sweat your soul out at a spin class, hang on, is that why they call it Soul Cycle 🤣. The point is, try to exercise your body in some way. It could be taking the stairs instead of the escalator, parking your car far from the shop entry, grabbing some canned food and doing a few arm curls while waiting for your food in the microwave. Heck it could even be watching some brain games on youtube to give your mind a workout. Whatever you do in you daily lives, be sure to incorporate something that stimulates your body, mind or soul.

2. Community.

I spent a couple years living in another country where I didn't know anyone and would often go a whole day or two without speaking to anyone For my introverted mind to have found that really taxing on my wellbeing means community must have a huge impact on your psyche! Make sure you talk to a friend, work colleague, neighbour, family, even the person at the grocery store. Human interaction and engagement is so vital to your wellbeing. Being connected to another makes us feel real and brings us down (or up) when we aren't balanced. C'mon my introverted buddies - you can do it!!

3. Let it out.

Do not hold in your emotions. I repeat, do. not. hold. in. your. emotions. please and thank you! If you're not already good at this then start practising it. Your inner-being holds a lot of energy, if you're holding in guilt for yelling at your child then sit down with them, apologize and explain your frustration then move on. If you're holding in stress because you've just spent 48 hours working on an unrealistic dealing for a pressing job, go for a drive with all the windows down, music on and breathe in all that air. Go scream in the middle of a field if you have to. I wont judge I promise, in fact I'll see you down there. We all experience difficult times, theres no escaping it. But if we choose to hold onto those emotions and bad energy, it will build up and cause major holes in your bodies wellness.

4. Nurture yourself.

This may be obvious but it goes unnoticed when it comes to your wellbeing. Majority of the population have long to do lists and all those things mean putting others first and putting other needs in front - not yours, yours are right down the bottom of the list. Sounds familiar? Im a huge advocate for alone time and time out. You need to learn to say no more often - You cant give to others if you have nothing left to give. Keep your cup nice and full, I like to fill mine with hobbies, quiet time at a park, walks along the beach, cooking etc and I find that now Im doing me, more I am so much more valuable to the people I care about. My energy is better, my focus is clear and my values are now valuable to others and myself.

5. Rest and Recover.

Another thing that I have learnt to do in the last couple of years is to step back and recharge. This is closely linked to Tip number 4. However, this isn't about saying no more often or doing things that make you, you. This is simply allowing your mind, body and soul to be still. As I mentioned in previous posts, I used to charge through life. Working full time then going to university straight after work to get another degree (because apparently one degree wasn't enough according to me?) and fitting in exercise, cleaning, cooking, being sociable and attending every.single.event I was asked to go to/never saying NO. My days, weeks and even hours were crammed full. Eventually I burnt out and thats when I started to get sick. Now I am so focused on spending time being still. I no longer compete in the rat race, because I refuse to be a worn out, sick, expectation-riddled rat! And I tell you with all the joy I am now filled with - once you adapt this to your well being, life is oh so beautiful!

These are my top 5 tips for bringing yourself back to you and allowing yourself to feel and be well. I really hope you can add all 5 of these things to your life. They aren't difficult or impossible tasks - but they do take work and its the kind of work that makes you feel better every time your apply it. You'll be a pro in no time!

Take care my friends!

The Sana Soul.

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