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Radical Remission book review

Welcome back! I thought I would write a review on this book because it helped me so much during and after treatment. My sister gave me this book the first time I was diagnosed. I didn't read it till after my treatment had finished and I really wish I had read it earlier.

This book is filled with amazing people and their stories of overcoming their diagnosis against all odds. Dr. Kelly Turner kindly wrote this book and interviewed these people for us readers so we can see just how powerful the mind, body and spirit is - and Im ALL about that!

The stories are filled with difficult times and hard decisions. It ranges from people with breast cancer, to pancreatic cancer, to extremely rare cancers. All of which had become too aggressive to treat, therefore, having no chance of survival. That is when these survivors turned things around and became a radical remission success!

I love this book, not only because it gives the readers so much hope and support in overcoming this but because it shows us that people like you and me were able to gather their resources (food, alternative medicine, herbs, exercise, a peaceful mind etc) and get through one of the toughest hurtles life could have thrown at them.

Statistics are great for research purposes and understanding how the disease works but Ive always tried to leave the stats and rates outside the door when meeting with my oncologist. I never ask him about percentages or how other people in the hospital are performing on the same drug I am on. For me its about the individual, its about a personal journey, each case is different and this book shows that. The stats told them they shouldn't be alive but here they are, years on and enjoying their life.

Kelly finds 9 distinctive motives and actions that all these cancer survivors had in common. Through their stories you are able to see these 9 tools being put into practise and how it helped them get into remission. Those 9 tools are:

  1. Radically changing your diet

  2. Taking control of your health

  3. Following your intuition

  4. Using herbs and supplements

  5. Releasing suppressed emotions

  6. Increase positive emotions

  7. Embrace social support

  8. Deepening your spiritual connection

  9. Having a strong will to live

Some of these stories/interviews are truly touching and if you're going through a cancer journey yourself you will benefit so much from these stories and the spirit of these survivors will inspire you. I know when I was given two weeks to live (that was 3 months ago) I picked up this book once again and read their stories of how they were once in my shoes. It helped me believe that survival was possible for me. At that point in time #9 - Havng a strong will to live was a big one for me and every day I would picture my life post cancer and plan my future as if I was just told by my doctor that the cancer was gone and I would soon be able to return home and begin recovery.

I strongly urge you to read this book or pass it on to anyone who has cancer. I know that when someone close to you has cancer it can be hard knowing how to reach out or help in any way - this is the perfect gift for them and they will love you for it!

All the best and enjoy the read!

The Sana Soul.

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