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Immunity Tonic recipe

Hi all. I have to share this one with you because its golden! Get it? Because the colour is gold...golden. Haha - Ok Celia, stop please.

Right! So I have this every morning and sometimes at night. I either have a shot of it or I add hot water and drink it like a tea. It's an immunity boast and lets face it, our immunity is one hell of a thing. I always took the poor little guy for granted but if you think about it, that thing keeps us going and healing so show it some love!

What you will need (try get as many of these ingredients you can to be organic)

100g grated Ginger

x2 lemons

x2 Oranges

1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric

1/8 teaspoon of Cayenne powder

a crack of pepper

1 Tablespoon honey

10 drops of Oregano oil (optional)


1. Grate the ginger and put into a pot with 500ml or filtered water. Bring to the boil then turn off the heat and let sit for 45mins with the lid on.

2. Juice the Oranges and Lemons into a bowl and add the turmeric, cayenne powder, cracked pepper, honey and Oregano drops. Mix till all ingredients are combined.

3. Strain the the juice mix into a jar or container. Once the ginger water has sat for 45mins you can then strain into the same container and mix all ingredients together.

Yeehaa! Immunity shots all round to get the party started! This usually lasts me 7 days. I wouldn't let it sit in the fridge for any longer. Also, be sure you store it in the fridge.

Make this one apart of your weekly routine and practise some morning self care. Lem-on know how it taste (heheh).

See you in my next post.


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