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How to live a better life

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

With Cancer, an incredibly ugly part of ones life, also comes the most purest awakening. I want to tell you about my awakening and how to see life as it should be.

Cancer has now been actively part of my life for 2 years. It has given me the best feelings at times and it has also given me the darkest days I'll ever experience. With these ups and downs you are forced to step back and take a look at life. My life almost came to an end 2 months ago. I was told I had 2 weeks to live, I thought about what my family was about to go through, I thought about who would be at my funeral, I thought about the shoes Id like to wear while I lay in my casket and I thought about how I would spend my last few days on Earth.

I started to view Cancer as being a gift wrapped in the most horrible wrapping paper. So, whats in this gift box? It's a pair of High Definition glasses. And now you're able to see the world in its smallest details. Now I see life's cues a lot clearer, I see opportunities present themselves far more than ever and I stop to listen when life is trying to tell me something.

Life for me (pre cancer days) used to be hazy. It was crazy busy, I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't see clearly with all the smog, I couldn't sit still otherwise I'd get swallowed up by my finances, work, career, expectations, relationships, balancing everything, family issues, drama with friends. I would only ever stop to zone out and think "what am I doing? what do I need to be doing? why does this not feel right? whats missing?"

And what I strongly believe happened to me is my 'better' life was trapped in this chaos and screaming out to me but like I said, I couldn't hear anything in all this...noise. Then Cancer came into my chaos and everything stood still, in utter shock. Slowly the volume in my life become quieter and quieter. The smog from all the debris in my life started to settle to the ground and I could see better. I was able to see where I was going wrong, what I needed to do, what wasn't feeling right in my life and what was missing. This awakening didn't happen over night, it has happened over the two years and it didn't just come to me, I have spent a long time thinking about it and taking the time to listen.

Want to know how you can live a better life? It's to do the following...

  • Stop regularly. If you don't stop and take time to let life catch up to YOU (not the other way around) then it will wipe you out. What does stopping look like? It looks like sitting under a tree for 20 minutes or watching the clouds go by (remember doing that as a kid, then we became adults and never did it again?). It also looks like a walk in nature on your own in complete silence. It looks like closing your eyes and breathing, slowing your nerves down. Your breath is the first and last thing you have in your life, take time to focus on it and recognize it.

  • Write down a list of what you're being expected to do by others and burn the sucker!! We are told being selfish is bad, and yes it can be if used in the wrong way. However, if you were expected to go to a friends get together but you can't because work has consumed you that week then no, being selfish is not bad and in fact it should be respected in this context. People you associate with should respect it. That leads me to my next point

  • Your circle is precious, whoever is in it adds energy to your life, your circle forms part of your life. If you have bad energies in your life it will bring you down, so simple yet so hard to see...I was only able to see this during my awakening. And with my high definition glasses 😎 I can now see who is bringing chaos into my circle, which people are breaking those people down in their circle and who has a broken circle them self and about to have their own awakening.

  • What makes you, you? Be totally honest with yourself. Do you have a gypsy soul and want to see the world but your much hated job or a relationship is holding that from you? Are you gay but have spent your whole life having the sexual orientation that was expected from you? Do you feel like society tells you to look a certain way, have certain possessions, be surrounded by certain people but you're still not feeling quite yourself? What are the thing(s) that make you feel the most you. Bring them forward and never let them slip behind things that add no value and the things that we thought or are told are more important than our own happiness.

I have simplified my life now and after all my ups and downs I feel like a real pro at this! The more I think about whats important in my life the more I am able to recognize the things that aren't, try to sneak their way in.

Take it from me, as someone who has had to face death, your life is truly so valuable! When you're told you wont be able to live a life, you are forced to reflect on how you have livd it thus far and you see where you went wrong and where you went right. Everyone can do this without getting told to sort your affairs. You just have to be honest and take that step back from everything and be prepared to do a clean up and clean out...but, if you've hit a point in your life where you're zoning out and sighing more than usual then I guarantee you are ready to take this step back my friend!

See you in my next post,

The Sana Soul.

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