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Cancer relapse

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Hello friends,

It’s been some time since I’ve been on my beloved blog...and judging by the title of this post I’m sure you’ve guessed why I’ve been absent.

Quick run down/background. 12 months ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. I did 5 months of chemo (EPOCH) and went into remission. A few months later I receive a call saying my cancer had returned at a stage 1 and I did 4 weeks of radiation that successfully got rid of the the tumour. Right at the end of my radiation I started experiencing pain in my pancrease. Turns out the Lymphoma had spread to my Liver, Kidney, Pancreases, my Spine, Pelvis and Adrenal glads.

Fast forward 4 months and I’m on immunotherapy and things are just starting to improve. It’s been a very bumpy road. I’ve been in and out of hospital with multiple infections, a lot of blood transfusions, at one point I couldn’t breath without an oxygen mask, far too many needles! Scans, procedures and worst of all I got told by my oncologist that treatment wasn’t working and there wasn’t anything else they could do - he gave me 2 weeks to live. That was 4 weeks ago and there has been reduction in my Tumours, I’m breathing on my own with perfect oxygen score, I’m back at home, I’ve put on weight and I’m able to walk around without almost passing out and I can shower myself.

I’m not quite sure what happened and I’m stunned how powerful the mind is. Within a couple days of getting told to sort out my affairs, my body refused to give up. I even sat there with my oncologist and dad and told them both this isn’t the end and I’ll do anything to keep going. I begged him to continue my treatment and I would do everything on my part to make it through.

I just knew deep down this wasn’t my reality. I strongly feel I have a fulfilling life ahead of me and I continue to strive for that. I’ve found it helps to plan for my new life. I have been preparing things for when I’m well enough. I just purchased a thermomix which I’m so excited about, I look forward to cooking again and sharing recipes on my blog. I have goals to get my body back into shape and great health. I’m considering getting a fur baby. All these things excite me about life and push me to get through the dark days.

If you’re experiencing rock bottom or just running low in motivation to keep persevering. Take a step back, away from all the mess and ask yourself what you want out of your life. See it clearly and focus on nothing else. Take a leaf out of my weathered book...life is far too precious and short to put your focus on things that won’t benefit your wellbeing and quality in life. Life is there to live and you’re in control of it, not your boss, not your friends or money. If these things are driving your ship you need to jump right off!

Sending you all good vibes! See you in my next post

The Sana Soul.

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